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Your reliable energy consultant

ENERGIA LOCAL provides professional services that make us a reliable energy consultant for our clients.

Strategic consultancy

» Studies of sectorial positioning.

» Strategic energy plans. Roadmaps.

» Potential studies and Market studies.

» Energy prices and markets: modelling, future predictions, diagnosis.

» Training for executives. In-company Curses.

Project Development

» Technical and economic due diligence.

» Valuation of assets.

» Feasibility studies and business plans.

» Outsourcing: tender and contract optimization.

» Expert reports for support in legal procedures or lawsuits.

» Project management.

» Turnkey project offers and contracting.

» Technical and economic tailormade software

Corporate finance

» Structuring of financing operations by long-term financial leasing, operational leasing, long-term finalist loan.
» Mergers and acquisitions in the cogeneration sector: disinvestments, strategic partnership, investment partner, buy and sale of assets.

Markets and Regulation

» Natural Gas and Electricity contracting

» Financial contracts to hedge risk (electricity & gas)

» Contract management

» Permanent advice

» Management of CO2 emission allowances

» Regulatory analysis

» Procedures with the public Administration and other Organizations

» Preparation of required tender documents

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